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Mohammed Radwan

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My name is Mohammed Radwan, I'm a vibrant software engineer who is always thinking out of the box to provide high quality software based solutions
My native tongue is Arabic, but I speak and write English fluently

My Profile

  • Name: Mohammed Mahmoud Radwan
  • Date of birth: 5th of October
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Address: 56 Misr Helwan Road
  • Mail: mohammed-radwan@hotmail.com
  • Phone: (+20) 100-1700-418

Who am I?

I started writing code for the first time when I was in the high school using Borland C, and I've been enjoying coding ever since. I also taught myself to accurately finish my tasks with high quality of code in a timely manner, even under pressure.

I keep myself updated with new technologies and always ready to learn more.

In my free time I travel, read, and fix my electronics (yes, sometimes they work again!).



My employment history starting from 2006 till now.

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2016 / Aug - Present


Senior Software Engineer

• Gathering new requirements from the business team and translate them into technical requirements

• Responsible on designing and building a standalone reporting API service on top of Laravel using PostgreSQL with Citus extension

• Cascading sub-tasks to other team members and monitor their progress

• Building integration interfaces to connect our system with external services

• Maintaining existing projects and suggest / develop architectural improvements

• Associated in revamping foodics system using Laravel and Vue.js

• Building foodics reports RESTful services

• Optimizing MySQL queries to enhance servers performance

• Using test driven techniques with PHPUnit

• Using continuous integration to monitor the changes made to the project and testing them accordingly at least on a daily basis or more frequently


Foodics Dashboard

Foodics Reporting Service

Foodics Marketplace

2014 / Nov - 2016 / Aug

Turn Digital

Senior Software Engineer

• Working as a part of our RND team

• Preparing meetings to discuss new technologies, as well as enhancing our agile workflow

• Providing POCs and setting meeting with our clients to discuss and propose potential projects

• Mentoring team members and provide technical support, as well as sharing information about latest technologies

• Developing websites using WordPress along with our own custom database tables

• Leading the development of a SaaS platform on top of Laravel Framework

• Responsible on planning the revamp clients’ websites

• Developing and maintaining Facebook apps that serves our clients’ business needs

• Meeting with our clients to analyize their business requirements and transform that into tehcnical requirements


Egypt Travel

Egyptian Drilling Company

T-Directory SaaS

T-Performance SaaS

New Homes Egypt

Coldwell Banker

Egypt Car Shop

Lactel Collect & Win

Lactel Eftekasat

President Say Cheese

President Summer Camp

2013 / Jun - 2014 / Nov

The Gamifiers - Badgeville

Senior Solutions Specialist

• Developing an end-to-end website for the company on top of WordPress

• Manage and configure Badgeville's platform

• Providing proofs of concept for our gamification platform’s functionalities and features using the platform’s RESTful APIs, as well as SDKs

• Understanding our clients’ business challenges and introduce our platform’s technical capabilities

• Leading client’s integration with Badgeville's platform, as well as providing technical support and documentations

• Collaborate with Badgeville's technical team to find solutions for our clients’ integration challanges

• Provide technical support and consultancy


Cocacola Tawaqa3


MasterCard - Priceless Arabia

Hardees Arabia

Microsoft Biz4Afrika

Vodafone Qatar - Smart Cities


2011 / Dec - 2013 / May

MSN Arabia

Senior Software Engineer

• Involved in developing MSN Arabia portal on top of WordPress

• Modifying and enhancing WordPress core functionalities to increase portal's performance

• Taking a leading role in creating and deploying customer-focused solutions

• Understanding and adapting business requirements from business development team, and turning them into solid product specifications

• Research, design, implement innovative solutions and deliver projects on-time to specification with high level of quality

• Develop unit tests and work with Quality Control members on solving the defects

• Construct design documents and documentation to aid maintenance and code reuse

• Investigate new technologies and constantly update my technical knowledge and skills


MSN Arabia Portal

2009 / Apr - 2011 / Feb

Telecomax Group

Sr. Solutions Specialist (2 years)
Products Contents Specialist (1 year)

• Taking a part of developing Mobinil Customer Care system

• Associated in developing an IVR system using C++ and Java languages with JNI technology

• Developing and maintaining an intranet system using ASP.NET and MS-SQL Server

• Developing a store system using JSF and PrimeFaces for a telecom company

• Designing and developing tasks management system using PHP and MySQL

• Developing and maintaining a running ECM using JSP and MySQL


Mobinil Customer Care

TMX Intranet

TMX Timesheet


Telco Store

IVR Prototype

2007 - 2008

Global Knowledge

Trainer (6 months)
Web Developer (6 months)

• Working as a C# and SQL Server instructor

• Associated in building a web based remittance system for the Egyptian Post using ASP.NET and MS-SQL Server 2005

• Troubleshooting, maintenaning, and fixing existing systems


Egyptian Post remittance system



Concepts and techniques that I was able to learn in my years of experience

OOP (Object-oriented programming)

Design Patters

SOLID Principles

Agile Methodology


TDD (Test-driven development)

Unit Testing





KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!)

DAMP (Descriptive And Meaningful Phrases)

Dependencies Reduction

DRY (Don't repeat yourself)

My Skills


During my work journey, I was able to acquire experiences in various technologies.

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    SQL Server

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Cutting Edge Technologies
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    ASP .NET

Versioning Control
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    Google Analytics

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My educational background and certificates.

2014 - 2017

Badgeville Academy

Engagement Architect


Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Modern Academy

Bachelor of Computer Science



Recommendations and quotes

"I've been working with Mohammed for five years in different Companies, Positions and projects. He was a fantastic person to work with. Mohammed is a reliable person, Dedicated professional, very very hard worker, He is a great addition to any team he work with. His experience is growing every single day along with his commitment and dedication, If you need a highly committed expert, Mohammed is the right person. It's an authentic pleasure working with him."

Walaa Osama - Co-Founder & Innovation Director at TurnDigital

"I worked with Mohammed in MSN Arabia, he is a talented developer, can work under pressure, dedicated with great technical skills, he is a lovely person in our team, always share his experience with us, always help us when someone is in need for help, hope the best for you in your career.."

Sameh Gamal - Head of DishDino

"Mohammed is a very clever person who know how to analysis any system in both functionally based and database as he also have a v.good programing language skills. he is a good team leader as he have a good team leader skills and time management. I recommend him working in the database and programing field also as software developer."

Sherif El Sayed - Senior Software Developer at Medco Inc.

"I've worked with Mohammed for more than a year, he is hard worker, very dedicated with great technical skills. Mohammed is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. He is the wise voice in the team with a beautiful spirit Working with him is an added value for me."

Mariana Ayoub - Web Developer, eCommerce at Softchoice

"I have known Mohammad since 2002, His ability to think independently and analytically has separated him from peers. I believe that a well-educated academic background as well as his sympathetic, kind-hearted are the key ingredients to undertake almost encountered tasks. Mohammad always been initiative, persistent and loyal to the tasks were assigned to him."

Mohammad Abandah - Head of Legal - Gulf

"Mohammed is a very talented,thoughtful,hard working, dedicated person with high potentials and capabilities to learn new things and do marvelous job."

Mohammed Abd El Wahab - Network services specialist, GDC, IBM Egypt

"Although I’ve only been working with Mohammed for a short period of time, it’s been a great experience ,Mohammed is a proactive and tireless developer , who works under any circumstances , incredibly helpful and knowledgeable ,always sharing his experience , a skilled team player and a reliable problem solver. I’m thrilled to be able to work with him and I hope I will get to do so for a long time."

Ehssan El Atfy - Senior Software Engineer at Turn Digital

"Mohammed is a very dedicated Developer with a patient on this work and caring about details for creating an amazing output, I really enjoyed working with him in MSN Arabia."

Amr Ibrahim - Senior User Experience Consultant

"Mohammed is a very dedicated person, result oriented and an excellent team player. He is always committed to achieve team's goals and objectives. Mohammed always manages to generate positive energy in the team and never accept failure."

Omar Algazaz - Solution Architect at Ericsson

"I was a colleague to Radwan for almost 2 years, and I noticed his capabilities in ending and finalizing tasks assigned to him, as he was remarkable in following guide lines with a touch of creativity for any task he was working on, I can say he was hard worker caliber that would be a plus to any organization he might join."

Mohaned El Sokkary - Founder at elda

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